St.Peter's University

Department of Computer Applications

The Department of Computer Applications was established in 1995, having student intake of 120. It strives hard to develop top class professionals, who will be responsible in providing their hands to support the constant booming of the Information Industry era.

The department works as a team of dedicated faculty who has knowledge in the latest fields of technology / development in the global scenario.  Also the Faculty members are encouraged to attend specialized training programme and pursuing higher studies. The College provides a special incentive scheme to the faculty members every year depending on the “Pass Percentage” secured by the students.  

The department has a well furnished lab. The computers are networked, secured and protected. The Internet facility is also made possible for the students to browse the Web. The students obtain the help from the Instructors and System Administrators available all the time in the lab to have the systems working all the time.

The department is very meticulous in conducting Open House Meetings for the students in which the faculty members, Directors, Principal and Dean participate. This is an open forum where the students are allowed to air their impressions, in the hardware and software areas. Students and faculty participate enthusiastically and contribute towards bringing effective solutions to the problems. All issues are sorted out and it lays the path for a better understanding and useful rapport between the students and the faculty.  This continuous monitoring of the teaching-learning process has improved the performance to a considerably high level which will help the students to get ready to face the placement and employment arena.

Faculty counselors are appointed for every 15-20 students.  They size up the strengths and weaknesses of the students and provide individual counseling and help.  They not only provide guidance counseling in subjects but also in personal problems.

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