Centre for Human Values

The Orientation Programme

     The orientation programme for all the students was organized on 4-7-17 in the University Auditorium. The session was handled by Dr.S.Selvam, National Professor of Eminence, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. The students were made to actively participate in many activities such as brain stimulating problems with paper & pen. Students involved themselves by raising their hands and answering spontaneously with enthusiasm. He also gave awareness about the opportunities available to students in various streams.

Student’s Orientation Programme

     Student’s orientation programme was conducted on 3-7-17 by Dr. Kannan Gireesh, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Counselor, Founder of ‘Live Life Education’. He illustrated the key points to success with suitable examples and explained about problems such as procrastination, boredom, depression, inferiority complex, stress etc. which are faced by the youngsters today. The highlight of this programme was the examples that he narrated and exhorted the students to become better citizens. Both the students and the parents were very moved with the lecture and interacted with him at the end which was very lively.

The Orientation Programme by Shri. Rajesh Fernando

     The orientation programme by Shri. Rajesh Fernando, a free lance Motivational Speaker was organized on 14-7-17 for all the students in the University Auditorium. He used the art of magic and illusion to explain the life lessons in such a way that the students were mesmerized and realized the importance and values of life and to honour their parents. He illustrated and made the concepts get into their minds by showing some magical tricks and his associate Mr. Kumaran, a renowned singer, entertained the students with recent popular tunes with philosophical lyrics.

The Orientation Programme by Dr. Jeyanthasree Balakrishnan

     Dr. Jeyanthasree Balakrishnan, Former Professor of English, PSG Tech., Coimbatore, a popular motivational speaker was the chief guest for the students orientation programme organized on 4-8-17 in the University Auditorium. She explained the life lessons by narrating stories of inspiring personalities such as Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, Sarath Kumar, CEO of Food King and others. Her speech which was in Tamil was very interesting and motivating and made the students realize the importance of achieving their goals in life.